Client Testimonials

What a wonderful attorney

"Truman did an amazing job keeping me informed and up to date during my chapter 13 bankruptcy. He was so kind and helped guide me though this entire process. I would recommend Truman Coe if you need any type of financial help related to being behind on bills or bill collectors"


Great Lawyer

"Mr. Coe helped make a very painful process go as seamless as possible. He was very responsive and knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable right from the beginning of the process."


Thank You Truman for a Great Job!

"My house was set for foreclosure and I called Truman to see what I could do. He was able to help me stay in my home by filing me a chapter 13 bankruptcy. This helped me to pay back what I was behind and also wipe out other debts that were troubling me. He was very supportive and helpful throughout the process. He always returned my phone calls in a timely matter and helped me understand things when I didn't. I would recommend this law firm to any one in need of financial help. Thank You Truman."

Truman is the guy you need.

"I was sincerely shocked when Truman answered all his calls within minuets. Bankruptcy is not and easy decision, simultaneously, I was also under a time crunch with law suits pending to take my home and assets. He was very attentive to my needs and made me feel very comfortable with the whole process. Everything happened exactly the way he promised me from the initial consultation. I felt comfortable that he had my needs handled and is an experienced attorney. I would recommend him to anyone! Best of luck to you....I have a new start...less stress free and it was the right decision for me."


Good Experience During A Difficult Time

"We were referred to Truman by a friend. He came with a good recommendation and he and his staff surpassed our expectations. We were treated respectfully and kept informed though out the entire process. It was a blessing to have this experience during such a difficult time."

Bankruptcy Case Review

"Truman was so helpful and knowledgeable about the laws and how they would apply to my case. I can't thank him enough as I know have peace of mind financially."


Truman Coe Bankruptcy Review

"Mr. Coe and his associates are very knowledgeable of the bankruptcy laws. He was very timely with return phone calls and answering my questions throughout the filing process. Mr. Coe helped me and my family tremendously and now I have peace of mind regarding my financial situation."


Best bankruptcy lawyer I've ever used

"He was so nice and helped me with my financial troubles all the way through. I would recommend him to anybody!"


Five Reasons Truman Coe and Associates are Here for Us:

1)SLEEP: For months there was no sleep and the weeks were filled with the anxiety of struggling to pay credit cards and loans.

2) RELIEF: Truman requested all necessary information set a convenient appointment and allowed me to email him before the meeting!

3)GUIDANCE: Just the thought of the harassing phone calls and my Regular Postal Worker Seeing Collection Notices was terrifying. Truman provided the tools and resources to avoid this pitfall. (Yes, there is always on or two that still persist until the case is filed. I just cheerfully gave them Coe & Associates name and telephone number.)

4) AFFORDABILITY: Mr. Coe is like the nice neighbor you run into at the Grocery Store. There is no judgment. He sets up a reasonable Payment Plan that Works.

5) FREEDOM: The Case Number is Assigned, the Court Date is Scheduled and it's Time to Meet the Trustee with the Law Firm of Truman Coe and Associates. Now i have the Opportunity to live on a budget plan for retirement and put money aside for the holidays.

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