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Foreclosures Attorney in DALLAS AND FORT WORTH, TX

House being foreclosed? It's not too late to stop the sale. Prevent the foreclosure of your home Now! Chapter 13 will stop the foreclosure sale immediately.

Federal law may allow you to Stop the Foreclosure on your home.  We offer a FREE consultation and  $0 down attorney fees. 

If you're in danger of losing your home, you need to retain  an experienced Dallas,  Ft Worth TX  foreclosure attorney to work on your behalf. The Law Office of Truman Coe offers local representation, and it's our goal to guide you with information that allows you to benefit from the law's protective measures. We take pride in our personalized attention we give to each client through their case. You will only have your questions answered by a bankruptcy attorney and all contact throughout your case is with an attorney. We have over 40 years combined experience helping people stop the foreclosure and bankruptcy is our sole practice area. We know the thought of losing your home can be stressful and we want to help you ease that stress by being caring, knowledgeable, and available throughout your case. Filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy will stop the foreclosure sale immediately on your home and help you start paying back what you are behind on your mortgage helping you to get in good standing with your mortgage company. Besides stopping the foreclosure, a bankruptcy will help to wipe out other debts like credit card bills, medical bills, payday loans, and more. Retain Truman Coe and get a chance at a new start. You don’t have to do this alone. More than 1.5 million Americans file for bankruptcy every year. The federal laws were written to help individuals get a fresh start in difficult times. We have three three locations in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. Contact us now.

Reducing Your Stress

We offer every client personalized attention throughout their case, and we're available to take your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We understand the mere thought of a foreclosure is stressful, and that's where we aim to help. We can work to open communication lines, and we believe we may be able to protect your best interests.

If you'd like to protect your rights and stop the foreclosure, The Law Office of Truman Coe is available to schedule your free consultation now. A bankruptcy attorney will spend as much time needed over the phone answering questions that are specific to your situation and then counsel you on what would be best for you and your financial situation. You will then be able to have a free no obligation appointment where you can sit down with an attorney and decide if bankruptcy and stopping the foreclosure is a viable option for you. Working to keep your home may be easier when you retain  a bankruptcy attorney before missing a payment or being foreclosed on. When you call us, you'll always have your questions answered by an attorney and not a legal assistant. To retain a Dallas Fort Worth TX  foreclosure attorney, contact our office today. We have three local offices. Two are in  Dallas, TX and one in Fort Worth, TX.   $310 down can stop the sale immediately!  Call Today!

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